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20-30 % of Non resident tax declarations have errors or mistakes

A 2021 study by the Institute of Economic Studies (IEE) estimated that between 20% and 30% of the declarations of non-residents in Spain could contain errors. In 2022 Civitas Foundation report noted that fines on non-residents for tax non-compliance had increased considerably in recent years. Announcements from the Tax Agency: (“Agencia Tributaria”) • The Tax […]

2024. Increase of property rental profitability in Spain?

House with coins shoiwng increase narrow

Increased profitability in rental of Spanish residential properties (apartments, villas, etc) During these last  months, we have witnessed an increase in housing prices, derived from the lack of supply in the market, as well as inflation that has set the economic pace in recent times. Given this panorama, it is increasingly difficult for Spanish citizens […]

Abolished Tax Valencia Nov 2023 – Inheritance and Gift/Donation Tax

Money with inheritance tax text

New law Valencia region 22nd Nov 2023. 99 % reduction on Inheritance and Donation tax On November 22, 2023 Valencian government approved a new law that will have a huge impact on the regulation of donation and inheritance tax in the Valencian Community (Castellón, Alicante, and Valencia). Click here to see the law It is […]


  The cost of a lawyer’s fees to represent you in the purchase of property in Spain can vary depending on a number of factors, including: The experience and qualifications of the lawyer. The complexity of the transaction. The location of the property. In general, lawyer fees in Spain are usually charged at a percentage […]

Why USA citizens are moving to Costa del Sol for living?

USA flag with malaga site

During the recent years 2021, 2o22, and 2023, a high volume of USA citizens are changing their USA residence to Spain, being Costa del Sol one of the most popular destinations to reside. These are the main reasons: Lifestyle and Climate: The allure of the Costa del Sol lies in its idyllic Mediterranean climate. With […]

Why USA citizens move to Valencia city for living?

USA flag with a Spanish house and a youbg couple

Cost of living Valencia is a relatively affordable city to live in, especially in comparison to other popular cities in Europe like Barcelona or Madrid. A study by Numbeo found that the cost of living in Valencia is 30% lower than in New York City and 15% lower than in London. Here is a breakdown […]

Exploring the Enchanting Real Estate Market for 2024: Property for Sale in Spain

Spanish house with buyers

Nestled along the stunning Mediterranean coast, Spain’s real estate market continues to captivate both investors and prospective homeowners alike. As the demand for property in this enchanting country surges, the allure of owning a piece of the Spanish dream has never been stronger. From vibrant cities to tranquil coastal retreats, Spain offers a diverse range […]


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QUESTION: I have a property in Valencia the villa is registered as urbaba but the land is registered as rustica, so what is it Urban or Rustic. TLACORP ANSWER: From which we understand from your email, you would like to know what is the classification from your property when you have two kinds of registries, […]

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