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“I have a property by my own Spain. I have the 100 % of the ownership of the property.  How much will it cost to change the title deeds to my wife’s name before I die, or to pass her 50 % of the property?”


Please, be informed that to pass the property to your wife is considered in Spain as a “DONATION”. And, in Spain, the taxes to pay for a donation are extremely high, as much as high as Inheritance Tax.

And, in case of “Donation”, then, we will have to be regulated by Donation tax, which is a regional tax, so,  differently regulated depending on the regions.

In case of Valencia region,  Donation has a bonification consisting in a free of tax up to 100.000 EUR from the amount donate between parents and sons.

But, this bonification in taxes is not applied in donations between spouses. So, in case of donation of part of the property owner to the other, being spouses, could derive in high tax amounts to pay.

Donation tax is even higher when co-owners are not married.

So, it is very important to get the proper legal advice when taking the decission to include spouses or any other person in the deeds.

One way cheaper than a Donation to pass a part, or the full ownership of the property to your wife, is making A SALE. The expenses in this case  must be studied with the particular case, but to you to have an idea:


As well as per Sale process in case the solution adpoted is Donations, in case the value of the property has increased the value (as you informed us in your email), then, there may be Capital Gains involved. And the Capital Gains will be of 19-24 % on the gain. We need to check that. 

If finally there is no Capital Gains to pay because we demonstrate to the administration a value with no profit, then, of course the amount to pay will be a lot less than the one quoted. 

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