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Quality Policy

TLA is a large professional team of lawyers, architects and legal advisors, experts in real estate and construction law, working in the field of property management, construction and international inheritance.

Our main objective is to achieve the maximum security for our clients in real estate transactions carried out in Spain, providing comprehensive legal advice to our clients both nationally and internationally.

The present quality policy will serve as the framework for setting periodic objectives in line with this main objective.

OUR MISSION: Promote the necessity of proper legal advice in a real estate transaction.

OUR VISION: To be a reference in professional legal assistance for buying and selling operations in Spain.

OUR VALUES: Equality, respect, and commitment to advising our clients, regardless of their background, so they can safely conduct real estate transactions in Spain.

TLA commits to:

  • 1. Engage all employees in continuous improvement according to the quality management system, through learning management techniques and protocols.
  • 2. Promote coordination and standardization of protocols among team members, so that clients feel equally attended to at all our locations.
  • 3. Organize training, conferences, colloquiums, publications, and any other awareness-raising events regarding our activity and its quality control.
  • 4. Consider the involvement of different stakeholders in the development of our activity.
  • 5. Ensure compliance with all legal requirements applicable to our activity.

To achieve this, TLA commits to implementing and reviewing this quality policy, setting objectives, implementing requirements of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015, and complying with legal requirements and others applicable to it.

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