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The next 1st of January 2013 will enter in force a new law which will affect to ALL the sales of properties in the Spanish market. So, affecting the whole Spanish territory (it is a natioanl law). And, when we say sale of ALL properties, we include sales of NEW properties and RESALES, and placed in URBAN as well as in RUSTIC LAND.

Also, this certificate will be also necessary to RENT a property in Spain. So, the certificate will be necessary when SELLING or RENTING.

This new regulation will consist in the fact that the notary, when there is a sale of a property (new or resale), he will ask the VENDOR to provide a certificate, from a Spanish certified company, confirming the CLASSIFICATION of the Energy Efficiency of the property. so, is an obligation of the VENDOR.

In this way, as the case of a fridge, or dishwasher, etc, to sale a Spanish property, it will be necessary to certify the classification of the energy efficiency of the property in process to be sold.

The aim of this regulation is that, as well as the buyers of a fridge need to know the energy efficiency of this product, buyers must be informed about the efficiency of the property they are buying.

 How obtaining the Certificate of the Energy Efficiency?: An independent certified company has to go to your property to inspect it, and to check the way in which the property uses and consumes the different energetic sources.

– In which consists the classification?: As result of the inspection from the certified company, your property will classified in A, B, C, D, E, F, G,  in relation to the efficiency use of the energy, when A is the best, and G is the worst.

So, properties classified with A, or B, will be easier to sell, and more attractive to buyers than properties C.

VERY IMPORTANT: There will not be properties classified below C. These properties will not obtain the certification Properties below G will not be acceptable, and will not obtain the certificate.

For example, if my property is classified with “G”, what I can do to obtain “B”?: The same company must guide you in this case, as they are the specialist on this, and they will have the essential information of your property as result of the inspection.

But, it will be normal that it can be requested to change the all the lights of the property “led” lights, to take care that the white goods are changed into higher classifications of efficiency (buying A products instead of B or C will help), etc.

So, if you are buying/renting a property in Spain after the 01/01/2013, pay attention to the fact that the vendor/landlord must provide you with this certificate to confirm the classification of the property in terms of energetic efficiency.

In other way, if you are thinking to sale your Spanish property, we recommend you to contact with a specialist company to help you to obtain assistance on this matter as soon as possible, in order to have all the documentation ready to complete the sale.


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