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Immigration service

Welcome to our Immigration and Immigration Law section.

In this section we are going to talk about:

– What is the Schengen Area?

I.- Difference between “Stay/Entry” and “Residence” in Spain

II.- Entry and Stay Visa in Spain

  • Tourist Visa

  • Student Visa

  • Volunteering

  • What is the ETIAS? – Online entry visa

III:- Types of Residence of more than 90 days

IV.- Temporary Residence

IV.1 – Temporary Residence Visa in Spain for EU Citizens

– The Residence Certificate for communitary citizens  – EU

IV. 2.- Temporary Residence Visas in Spain for non-EU countries – Non-EU Countries

1.-  Student Visa
2.- Business Visas
    – Entrepreneur Visa (Golden Visa)
    – Business Visa
3.- Non-Lucrative Temporary Residence Visa
4.- Work Visa (as an employee)
– Highly Skilled Workers (Golden Visa)
– Rest of employed workers
5.- Community Family Card  – EU Family Visa
6.- Family Reunification
7.- Rooting – “Arraigo”
8.- Political asylum and International Protection
9.- Blue Card – “Tarjeta Azul”
10.- Residence for Researchers and Investigation

– Requirements to obtain TEMPORARY RESIDENCE
– The importance of PRIVATE HEALTH

How to go from TEMPORARY to LONG-TERM or PERMANENT residence

11.- Golden Visa for Investors
12.- Digital Nomads – Beckham Law

V.- Permanent or Long Term Residence

V.1.- EU Citizens

– Permanent Residence Card for RELATIVES of community citizens


1.- Permanent or Long-Term Residence Permit/Stay in Spain
2.- Long-Term Residence Authorization/EU Stay

VI.- Spanish Nationality

– Differences between Long Stay Residence and Nationality

– What is the Schengen area?

et’s make it clear what the SCHENGEN AREA is. These are 27 EU states, and 4 members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) apply the Schengen Aquis
• Germany
• Austria
• Belgium
• Croatia
• Denmark
• Slovakia
• Slovenia
• Spain
• Estonia
• Finland
• France
• Greece
• Hungary
• Iceland
• Italy
• Latvia
• Liechtenstein
• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• Malt
• Norway
• Netherlands
• Poland
• Portugal
• Czech Republic
• Sweden
• Swiss

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