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News and Events on Spanish Laws and Taxes


Senior Lawyer, Mr. Juan Carlos Marhuenda, has Membership registered at the Communties Division of the Law Society of England and Wales, at the Property Law Section.

What is the Comminities Division of the Law Society of England and Wales?.

It is a section of information and promotion of relevant matters to the Law Society Members. The Property section provides updated information and articles  about UK property law and UK property market created by reputed UK lawyers.

Being registered at the Communties from the Law Society aloows you to have practice in UK?

No. Getting membership of the Communities gives you access to the legal information, webseminars, events, and articles from the Law Society. So, it serves to TLA Lawyers to know how the Property law and the Property market is being analysed and developped in the UK.

For more information about Commuities at the Law Society of England and Wales click here.

Which are the benefits to be registered at the Communities Division of the Law Society?

  • We obtain updated information about legal service offered to UK citizens in UK
  • We have access to relevant information about legal, tax and administrative process in UK about property law.

In general, we obtain a better acknowledgment of the UK laws and services in otder to improve our service in Spain with UK citizens.