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Below you may find the process requested by the Spanish embassy or consulate in NON EU countries to request a NON-LUCRATIVE RESIDENCE VISA: (you can request it personally or through a representative)

-1.- Passport or travel title, recognized as valid in Spain, valid for a minimum of one year.

– 2.- Certificate of criminal record or equivalent document, in case of being of legal age, issued by the authorities of the country of origin or of the country or countries in which you have resided during the last five years.

– 3.- Documentation accrediting the availability of financial means for the period requested. Said economic means must be sufficient to cover the expenses of stay and return and, where appropriate, those of their relatives, in accordance with the following amounts:

For its monthly maintenance 400% of the IPREM, which in 2021 amounts to 564.90 euros, resulting in EUR 2,259,6 per month.

For the support of each of their relatives, 100% of the IPREM that in this year 2021 amounts to 564,9 euros.

It can be accredited by any means of proof, including the contribution of property titles, certified checks or credit cards accompanied by a bank certification that accredits the amount available as credit on the card.

Provide bank certificates of the average balance in your accounts during the last 6 months.

If the media come from shares or participations in Spanish, mixed or foreign companies, based in Spain, it will be accredited by certifying them that the applicant does not carry out any labor activity, accompanying an affidavit in that regard.

-4.- Proof of accommodation in Spain (normally public deed housing and simple note of R. Updated property).

– 5.- Documentation accrediting the availability of public or private health insurance arranged with an insurance entity authorized to operate in Spain.

– 6.- Medical certificate.

– 7.- Cash rate; It is not returned even if it is denied.

– 8.- 7 day visa resolution period, according to what I have found out, but it seems little.

Important note: when documents from other countries are provided, they must be translated into Spanish or co-official language of the territory where the application is submitted.

On the other hand, any foreign public document must be previously legalized by the Consular Office of Spain with jurisdiction in the country in which said document has been issued and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation except in the case in which said document has it was apostilled by the competent Authority of the issuing country according to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961 and unless said document is exempt from legalization under the International Convention.

In the event that the country of origin does not have the Hague Agreement signed, any document that will be presented to the Consulate or Embassy must be previously legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country and then by the Consulate or Embassy of Spain in said country (but not the deed of home ownership here in Spain, which being a Spanish public document can be submitted directly to the Consulate or Embassy without any legalization).

Once the visa is granted, within 1 month of entering Spain, you must apply for the RESIDENCE CARD IN SPAIN.