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Purchase of properties in Spain. Legal and tax aspects

Process of acquisition/sale of properties is the process defined as “the legal transfer of a property from the current owner to another, in which one is selling and the other is buying.”

Our team of Spanish lawyers TLA corp represents investors/buyers who are involved in the purchase/construction process of Spanish properties. Also,  our legal company assists our clients in  legal disputes with the different builders/vendors or agents involved in the construction/purchase of Spanish properties.

Sometimes we find properties affected by legal problems, where the owners are not totally entitled for selling, or where there are charges/debts limiting the use of them and its ownership.

In other cases,we find that the construction of the Spanish property  is not properly complete, or it has construction defects, or with lack of legal paperwork (as the proper building license, or certificate of habitation, etc.).

In other cases, we find that buyers are not provided with the proper information of the property, and its surrounding areas, which might condition their decision of purchase.

It is also very common to find contracts not translated into the buyers’ language, or prepared by lawyers of agents/builders, with the aim of overprotecting their position, so, leaving  buyers in a very difficult and risky situation.

Our aim is to protect the position of our clients in the purchase process. This task passes  from to obtain the necessary information from the property, and to confirm the exact conditions of the property”before” the signing of the relevant documents of the sale, and the payment of the amounts usually requested to confirm the transaction.

We are specialists in property law, but also in construction and planning law. This difference is fundamental, because we are ready to discover,  not only the registration information from the property, but other essential aspects related with its construction and/or its administrative situation as: Has the property been built ALL permits and licenses?,  Does it respect  the construction law?, Is it  affected for an type of urban development as an expansion like roads, or urbanization works?. These are the points that we, as masters in construction, consider essential, and that, unfortunately, other lawyers  without this specialisation, cannot discover.

Our services start making a previous legal checking of the property, the land, and the construction of the property (checking the legal and the administrative situation ). For this, we apply for the information about the property at the  Town Hall, and other local institutions where the property is placed, talking to architects and inspectors of the area. The reason of this is to obtain an exact legal situation of the property for construction, licenses, building permits, etc. With this, we will guaranty our clients that there will not be any actions againt the property as constuction fines, demolition orders, etc., in the public institutions regarding any eventual illegal construction, or any work over the building.

Purchase of a property is a very serious investment. In fact, it is one of the most important decisions in our lifes. It is compulsory then to know exactly the essential aspects of the property, what we call: The History of the property. Knowing from the beginning  how the property was built, how it is considered now, and how it will be in the future (considering  the eventual developments projected in the area) will make secure the high efforts and the investments derived from the acquisition of the property. Only specialists in construction and properties, with expertise acknowledge of the area, can confirm to you this information to give you a complete “peace of mind“.

We are a company expert in construction and real estate with more than 15 years experience in the area. Our clients have bought their properties and enjoyed them without problems for years. Just click here to watch our introduction video.

We are a reputed company in the area, being even participated in TV interviews as recognized legal experts, as you can see just clicking here.

Once we complete our searches, we will check with the Notary that the property is properly registered in the right way, assuring you the right ownership. Also, we will proceed with the preparation of the paperwork to be signed at the notary on completion, completing also the registration of the property on your name, and changing the water and electric supplying contracts into your name after  completion. Besides of this, we will calculate, and pay and organize the payments of all the expenses and taxes derived from this transaction.

Our work includes all aspects of drafting, negotiation and completion of  purchase/building and construction contracts, professional appointments , redaction and control of documentation.

Our undoubted philosophy is to solve problems in order to avoid conflicts, confusions, or disputes which might end in  undesirable and expensive litigations.

In instance,  if the case ended in a litigation,  our team of property/construction lawyers will defend or prosecute your case with all the necessary vigour in order to protect your interests , including, when necessary, urgent applications to Court for conjunctive relief.






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