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How to execute an international testament in Spain by nationalities

We receive oftenly questions from our clients about how to execute foreign Testaments  in Spain.

As result of our experience in more than 15 years practice in International Inheritance, we have prepared a small presentation on steps to follow to execute foreign Testaments in Spain, and the Inheritance process to follow by nationalities:

But, how to proceed when there is not Testament?.
We have prepared a report for those process in which the decesaed passed away without Testament:

We have prepared this guide using the example of a UK case, but the structure process can be used for other countries.

As you may see from the above guides, the process is more or less the sane in all the cases. The key is to obtain the proper documents, in the proper moment, and try to avoid to deceased’s family all the bureaucracy, time and stress as possible.

For more help or information, please, feel free to contact us!