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In Spain, unlike other countries, the sale of personal furniture between particulars pays taxes. There is widespread confusion in the real estate purchase system in Spain where it is believed that the sale of furniture between particulars does not pay taxes. That is why, sometimes, we fall into the mistake of separating the price of the sale of an apartment, or a house, from the price of furniture, with the conviction that only the sale of the house pays taxes, and not the furniture. This is not the case in Spain. Here  the sale of furniture pays taxes.

Usually, when you acquire a house with furniture included from a particular, and you pay a total price for both, house and furniture, the transaction is duly complete  as you have paid taxes on the furniture together with the ones paid for the house. This tax is the ITP.

Confusion comes when you agree to pay furniture out of the price of the property. There is a popular misconception about the point to think that furniture value is not taxable. This is not correct. Furniture pays taxes in Spain. The tax paid is the ITP (Transfer Tax), which is ceded to the autonomous communities, and varies according to each community autonomous community. For example, in the Region of Valencia is 6%. This is the tax that the purchaser has to pay on the acquisition of the furniture.

Likewise, the seller, on the sale of the movable property, must declare this sale on the personal income tax declaration, as taxable income received.

Due to recent laws after 2015 Spanish Tax office may inspect ALL the transactions, bank transfers and cash disposal on bank accounts, and Spanish banks are forced to pass to the Spanish Tax office information on cash disposal on top of 1.500-3.000 EUR. And this may be subject of inspections during 10 years.

Take this into account when buying properties or furniture in Spain.

Therefore, when you are in a situation of buying and selling a home, whether buying or selling, keep in mind that the value that you indicate on the sale, or the purchase of furniture, will be subject to payment of taxes .

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