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In our recent article of 28/08/2012, we were introducing the new regulations which were affecting to the application, and to obtain, certificate of habitation in the VALENCIA REGION (click here to read the article) .  Other areas like Murcia, or Andalusia, are not affected byt this nwew law. In this article we were considering the new requirements that the Spanish administration will request from properties in RUSTIC LAND to obtain the certificate of habitation.

One of the most important and positive points considered by the law is that, when in force, will open the way to old properties in RUSTIC LAND to obtain certificate of habitation (CH). Which is what not only our company, but the rest of legal specialists, and even jurisprudence of High Courts in Valencia and in Madrid was defending.

But, the Spanish administration (mainly Town Halls), will request to the owners of properties in process to obtain the CH the following, in RUSTIC LAND:

– To inform to the Town Hall about the way in which the residual water of the property is treated.

– And, if the way in which the residual water is treated does not fulfil with the environmental laws, to adapt, or to install, a certified system (usually by septic tanks with depurating system).

As this is a matter which will affect to sales, and to future transactions in the area, TLACORP staff  have been doing searches to obtain more information about the legal and technical requirements that will be considered in terms to fulfil with the new requirements which will enter in force when the new law is definitely approved.

Recently, we have obtained the following information which we wished to share with you:

– How to know if you have really a septic tank, and that it is a certified one?

Answer: Usually, the same tank installer  provides you with a certification confirming the system installed fulfils with the Environmental EC regulations.

– I do not have this certificate, how I know if my system is OK?: 

Answer: Contacting a specialized company. They will check the system (even with micro-cameras), and will confirm you if the installation fulfils the requirements or not. And then, if the installation is not ok, they will recommend you the way to sort it out.

 I have an EC certified septic tank, but I do not know what to do with the water after filtering. Can I spread it in the field, or use it as irrigation water?:

Answer: If you have a certified septic tank, you need a special permit from the Hydrographical Confederation of the area to use it as irrigation, or to spread it under the soil. If you have not this permit, legally, you cannot spread the water in your land.

– I have a watertight deposit, and the water is not spread in my field. When the deposit is full, a company comes with the truck and empty the tank, bringing the water. Is this OK for the new law?.

Answer: It will depend on the individual interpretation of the new law in each of the areas of influence.  It may happen that some Town Hall may accept this system, and others may request septic tank instead of watertight deposit. Unfortunately, the only way to know this is wait till the law is definitely in force (we repeat that now is not more than a project), and the way in which the different local authorities interpret it.

It is really important to say that the intention of this article is just to inform of the eventual and future developments of laws in the market. This is not more than a personal interpretation of the new events with the honest intention to keep our followers informed.